Welcome to NPSec 2013

The Workshop on Secure Network Protocols (NPSec) is a top workshop focusing on cutting-edge research with a broad range of topics related to secure network protocols. NPSec 2013 is a one-day event held in conjunction with the 21st IEEE International Conference on Network Protocols (ICNP 2013). NPSec 2013 focuses on two exciting areas related to secure network protocols. The first focus is on the development and analysis of networking protocols for the secure operation of various network infrastructures, including both today's Internet and future Internet architectures, wireless and mobile networking, cloud-based networking, and p2p and overlay networks. New secure protocols, security enhancements to existing protocols, or protocol analysis (such as new attacks on existing protocols) are all welcome. The second focus is on employing such secure network protocols to create or enhance network applications, such as those related to online social networking, online gaming, or cloud-based applications.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Vulnerabilities of existing protocols and applications (both theoretical and case studies), including attacks
  • Design of new secure or resilient network protocols
  • Security enhancements to existing networking protocols
  • Deployment study of secure protocols on the Internet (e.g., BGPSEC, DNSSEC, IPSEC)
  • Security in future Internet architectures (e.g. Information-centric networking, software-defined networking)
  • Secure network protocols for network applications (e.g., online social networking, gaming)