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If you wish to join us:

We constantly look for Ph.D., master, and undergraduate students with strong motivation to conduct first-rate research, including, but not limited to, the following fields:

  • Computer and network security;
  • Computer networking;
  • Distributed systems;
  • Applied cryptography;
  • Blockchain and cryptocurrency;
  • Interdisciplinary topics related to cyber security.
Specific topics of research currently include:
  • Large-scale Internet attack (e.g., DDoS) detection and mitigation;
  • Internet of Things security and privacy;
  • Lightweight cryptography for Internet of Things;
  • Deep learning for cryptocurrency crime detection;
  • Cyber data analysis via deep learning and machine learning;
  • Decentralized online social networking design and development;
  • etc.
Your academic background is important, but your determination to conduct research with an impact to the society is likely more so.

Feel free to contact Prof. Jun Li via Email . Look forward to working with you!

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