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  • Undergraduate Alumni
    Marc Leef (Fall '14--Spring '15)
    Michael Beardsworth (Spring '12--Spring '13, with Honors College thesis: Extending Performance Awareness to BGP Best Path Selection)
    Mike Cherba (Summer '10--Spring '11, NSF REU)
    Jeffrey Blakeslee (Winter '10--Spring '10, NSF REU)
    Anna Gladstone (Winter '10--Spring '10, NSF REU)
    Laile Di Silvestro (Spring '08--Spring '09, with Honors College thesis: The role of intergovernmental organizations in government critical information infrastructure protection in emerging countries)
    Mike Dalby (Summer '08--Winter '09)
    Scott Brooks (Summer '07--Spring '08, NSF REU)
    Joseph Greer (Fall '07--Spring '08, NSF REU)
    Cameron Hertel (Winter '07--Summer '07, NSF REU)
    Michael Guidero (Fall '05--Spring '06, with honor's thesis: BGP Dynamics Measurement and Analysis: Tools and Techniques",)
    Paul Knickerbocker (Fall '04--Summer '05)
  • High School Alumni
    Moor Xu (Summer '08--Spring '09, from South Eugene High, now at Stanford University)